Teeth in a Day

Get Implant Supported "Teeth in a Day" in Greater Lake Jackson

As the name implies, it is now possible to get implant supported dentures or dental implants almost immediately using our new teeth in a day procedure. By just placing four or more implants on either your upper or lower jawbone, we can provide you with a new set of dentures or teeth made from porcelain or acrylic that you will be able to use right away.

The procedure can be performed for both upper and lower jaws at the same time and will allow you to gain back 90% or more of your previous chewing power. With the teeth in a day procedure, you’ll instantly gain natural looking teeth, can stop worrying about your dentures slipping, and will be able to return to eating your favorite foods.

Immediately Improve Your Smile with the Teeth in a Day Procedure

If you are missing teeth, have damaged teeth, or just want to improve your smile and feel confident again, you can schedule a Free Evaluation today with Coastal Periodontics.

During your free evaluation, Dr. Tredinick will answer any questions or concerns you may have about the teeth in a day procedure. Afterward, she’ll review your medical and dental history, take any necessary scans or X-rays, and develop a treatment plan.

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The Teeth in a Day Procedure


With the detailed information from your cone beam scan and digital X-rays, Dr. Tredinick can plan all steps of your procedure in advance. Having this plan in place ahead of your teeth in a day procedure ensures the process will be completed as quickly as possible.

During planning, the doctor will determine the best type of titanium implant post and the best location for them. She will also be able to ascertain whether further procedures such as bone grafting to strengthen the jaw will be necessary.

When the planning is complete, a complete, step-by-step surgical guide will be in place.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

On the day of your teeth in a day procedure, the surgical guide will be closely followed to ensure the surgery is as minimally invasive as possible. Closely following the guide will help to reduce any discomfort.

During this time, your pre-determined amount of implants will be placed using the All-on-4 implant process or more implants, if the doctor feels that is necessary to ensure stability. Any damaged teeth can also be removed at this time. To ensure you are as relaxed as possible, you have the option of receiving conscious oral sedation or IV sedation.

After your implants are placed, you’ll be fitted with a set of temporary teeth to use until your implants and gums fully heal. These temporary teeth will be attached to the implants and can be used immediately. After your implants and gums have fully recovered, your permanent dentures or teeth will be placed.

Maintenance and Follow Up

At home, standard dental health procedures and schedules should be followed to maintain your implant supported dentures or teeth properly. Also, the doctor will recommend two or more professional cleanings with Coastal Periodontics.

During these regularly scheduled professional cleanings, the doctor can follow up on the success of the implant surgery and address any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Traditional vs Teeth in a Day implants

Before the teeth in a day procedure was developed, implant patients would have to wait several months for their jawbone and gums to heal after the initial implant surgery. This meant you could possibly have had to wait a long time before your implants and teeth were ready to be used.

With the teeth in a day procedure, your implants, dentures, or teeth can be used immediately after the surgery. This is because Dr. Tredinick will immediately place a temporary set of dentures or teeth on your implants after surgery. These temporaries are created during the pre-planning phase of your surgery.

Evaluation for Teeth in a Day Implants

If you are self-conscious about your smile or your dentures, schedule an evaluation with Coastal Periodontics today. Dr. Tredinick will conduct a complete exam and answer all of your questions before determining the best course of treatment. The team at Coastal will also help you to complete any insurance forms and explain your financial options.

Contact us online or call Coastal Periodontics at 979-258-3491 to schedule your evaluation.

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