Cone Beam CT Scans for Personalized Treatment Plans

When we create a customized treatment plan for your long-term periodontal health, we can use specialized 3D cone beam CT scanners to capture a 360-degree view of your entire mouth. This allows us to plan implant placements carefully, ensuring their correct angle and depth lead to a successful surgery.

The cone beam CT scanner allows Dr. Tredinick to view your teeth, bones and sinus cavities in 3D so that she can examine their condition and location.

What Is a Cone Beam CT Scan?

A cone beam CT scanner uses X-rays and computer-processed X-ray information to produce 3D cross-sectional images of the jaws, teeth and sinuses.

It is a smaller and faster version of the regular CT scanner. Through the use of a cone-shaped X-ray beam, the radiation dosage is lower, and the your procedure time is shorter.

During a cone beam CT scan, the scanner moves around your head in a circular motion, capturing images and sending them to the computer for processing. We may need several scans to produce the final 3D image.

Cone beam CT scans deliver a significantly lower dose of radiation during the process, but remember to inform Dr. Tredinick if you might be pregnant.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

At Coastal Periodontics, we’ll use the cone beam CT scanner to build a comprehensive model of your teeth and jaws before suggesting any particular periodontal procedure.

With this advanced technology, we can ensure your safety and comfort before proceeding with nonsurgical or surgical periodontal treatment.

Get a Personalized Treatment Plan

If you have been considering dental implants or other special periodontics procedures, a cone beam CT scan can help us develop a complete treatment plan to eliminate pain, allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and promote your long-term periodontal health. Schedule a consultation today.

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Charlie shares his special experience with friendly staff and painless procedures at Coastal Periodontics.

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