Dental Rehabilitation

Dental Rehabilitation in Lake Jackson

Having discolored, damaged, or missing teeth can negatively affect your smile and your confidence. If you have one or more of these dental health problems, you may benefit from dental rehabilitation or a “smile make-over.” During the dental rehabilitation process, your complete set of teeth will either be restored to their initial health or replaced.

A full mouth rehabilitation will return your smile to its original beauty and restore your teeth to their original functionality. The end result is an improved facial appearance and enhanced self-confidence.

Our Dental Rehabilitation Process

Dr. Tredinick is a board-certified periodontist treating the Greater Lake Jackson community and beyond by providing surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatments. Dr. Tredinick is dedicated to providing an excellent service within a warm atmosphere among caring staff.

During an initial, Free Evaluation, Dr. Tredinick performs an exam that will enable her to devise a treatment plan. Using advanced technology equipment when necessary, she will assess the extent of your decaying or missing teeth. In the evaluation, the doctor will also take the time to explain your options and answer all of your questions before proceeding.

The Exam

Your dental rehabilitation will begin with a complete, comprehensive exam of your mouth, including your jawbone, teeth, and gums. The doctor will review your medical and dental history and take that into account before completing the exam.

The exam will help you and Dr. Tredinick establish what parts of your smile and teeth that you would like to improve and need to be developed for better dental health. The doctor will also begin to determine which services and procedures will be best for you.

Your Full Treatment Plan

After your exam is complete, the doctor will develop a comprehensive treatment plan for your dental rehabilitation. This plan will include any procedures, equipment, and the number of visits that will be needed to conclude your treatment and fully restore your smile and tooth function.

Every step of Dr. Tredinick’s recommended plan will be discussed with you in detail to ensure you are entirely comfortable with, and understand the process before beginning. The goal is for you to percieve what your new smile will look like and how you will feel in the end.

Dental Rehabilitation Procedures

Dr. Tredinick is highly experienced in many dental procedures. To complete your “smile make-over,” the doctor may employ one or many of the following procedures:

Dental implants: Titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone to create a strong foundation for dentures or acrylic or porcelain crowns.

Implant supported dentures: Dentures that are supported by dental implants instead of using adhesive to secure them to your gums.

Non-Surgical treatments: Scaling, root planing, and non-surgical chemotherapeutic treatment.

Surgical treatments: Necessary when the tissue around your teeth has become unhealthy and cannot be repaired with non-surgical treatments.

Cosmetic gum procedures: Performed to reduce the effects of “Gummy Smile” or uneven gum line, gum line recession and bone grafting following tooth loss.

LANAP laser treatment: A gum disease treatment using the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®).

Advanced technology & procedures: Various techniques that can be performed using highly technical and precise periodontal equipment.

The Benefits of Dental Rehabilitation

A full dental rehabilitation treatment plan from Dr. Tredinick will restore your confidence to what it once was. The rehabilitation will cosmetically improve your smile, improve the functionality of your jaws and teeth, will allow you to interact comfortably when near others, and will improve your overall dental health.

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