Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy in Greater Lake Jackson

The advancement in technology has allowed for the development of many new surgical and technical periodontal procedures and has increased these procedures’ effectiveness over time. However, many doctors and patients prefer to opt for minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments when available.

For this reason, ozone therapy can be used.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Dr. Tredinick aims to treat your dental health issues without causing discomfort and without the use of surgery, if possible. Her goal is to preserve your natural teeth before opting for invasive procedures such as dental implants or implant supported dentures. Because ozone is a naturally occurring element, it can be used in conservative periodontal care.

The FDA already approves the use of ozone for the sanitation of fruits, vegetables, and meat products. The commercial use of ozone is a testament to the purifying power of this natural ingredient.

In ozone therapy, ozone gas or ozonated water is used when a bacterial infection is discovered in your tooth or is affecting your gums and tooth roots. The naturally occurring ozone kills the bacteria without unpleasant side effects.

How does Ozone Therapy work?

When an infection occurs in the human body, white blood cells enter the bacteria and create an oxidative burst. This burst of oxygen causes a puncture in the cell wall of the bacteria, so the bacteria dies.

Ozone has the same effect as your white blood cells. When applied to an infection, the gas or ozonated water surrounds the bacteria. Soon, the ozone causes the same burst of oxygen, also killing the bacteria causing the infection. Because ozone is not a chemical and does not require the use of surgery, there are no side effects or wounds that need time to heal.

Ozone therapy can also be used in the regeneration and rebuilding of teeth, helping to strengthen them against the force of biting and chewing.

Ozone Therapy is Easy and Natural

Ozone therapy can be used to halt and heal tooth decay. It is minimally invasive and will not require the use of surgical equipment, nor will it cause uncomfortable wounds. In most cases, it can be applied using ozone gas or ozonated water so there will be no pain at all.

Ozone therapy can also be used to help whiten your teeth. When used, ozone sends oxygen below the enamel surface, similar to dental bleach. With the use of ozone therapy, it may be possible to improve your smile by whitening your teeth, controlling your gum disease, and reducing bacteria causing cavities in one visit to Coastal Periodontics.

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