Dental Ozone Therapy in Lake Jackson

Maintain Your Health with Natural Dental Ozone Therapy

With ozone therapy, you can improve your smile, whiten your teeth, control gum disease, and reduce cavity-causing bacteria in just one visit to Coastal Periodontics.

What Is Dental Ozone Therapy?

Dental ozone therapy is a safe treatment to maintain healthy gums and teeth naturally. It simply uses ozone gas, without synthetic chemicals or medication.

If you have a bacterial infection affecting your teeth or gums, ozone therapy can kill the bacteria without side effects. It’s an effective treatment for minor to moderate tooth decay or to treat sensitive teeth. After dental ozone therapy, patients report less sensitivity to heat or cold. The treatment is painless, noninvasive and ideal for patients with dental anxiety.

In addition, ozone therapy for dental implants or other procedures can prevent a bacterial infection, avoid peri-implantitis and promote faster healing.

How Does Dental Ozone Therapy Work?

When an infection occurs in the human body, white blood cells enter the bacteria and create an oxidative burst. This burst of oxygen causes a puncture in the cell wall of the bacteria, so the bacteria dies.

Ozone has the same effect. When applied to an infection, the gas or ozonated water surrounds the bacteria and causes the same burst of oxygen, killing the bacteria causing the infection. It also creates an environment that doesn’t allow bacteria to flourish around your teeth and gums again. Ozone therapy for dental implants prevents infection and speeds up healing.

Improve Dental Health Naturally

Dental ozone therapy can halt tooth decay, accelerate remineralization and strengthen your teeth. It can also help whiten your teeth as it sends oxygen below the enamel surface, similar to dental bleach. Because no pain medication is required, you can return to your normal activities as soon as your appointment is concluded.

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