Ultrasonic Tech for Periodontal Procedures in Lake Jackson

Gum disease affects a large amount of the population. The stages of gum disease range from gingivitis to periodontitis, where your gums may be severely damaged by bacteria. If this is the case, Dr. Tredinick may use an advanced periodontal technique called Piezosurgery to help repair the bone structure or to perform other treatments related to gum disease.

Piezosurgery is a new procedure that uses ultrasonic vibration to aid in removing tooth stains and other periodontal procedures. Dr. Tredinick is trained extensively in the use of Piezosurgery and has delivered exceptional results for many of her patients.

What is Piezosurgery?

Piezosurgery uses ultrasonic vibrations at low frequencies to aid in the cutting of bone structure, tooth extraction, and other surgical procedures.

With the Piezosurgery equipment, the ultrasonic vibrations cause the tip of the Piezosurgery device to vibrate at a frequency that can cut through dense bone. This allows the doctor to accurately and precisely cut jaw bone without damaging the soft tissue surrounding it.

It also allows the doctor to perform precise actions in small areas such as on the surface or base of the tooth.

How is Piezosurgery Used?

By adjusting the ultrasonic frequency of the Piezosurgery equipment, different procedures can be accurately performed.

Piezosurgery can be used in many dental procedures including root canals, tooth extractions, and orthodontic procedures.

It can be used for many of Periodontal procedures including:

  • removal of tartar (calculus) deposits and stains from teeth
  • scaling
  • root planing
  • crown lengthening
  • bone grafting

Piezosurgery allows Dr. Tredinick to accurately remove dense tissue or bone with minimal risk of complications or injury to your mouth.

Benefits of Piezosurgery

Piezosurgery equipment allows the doctor to prepare dental implant sites properly and easily remove bone for grafting procedures with minimal trauma to soft gum tissue.

This procedure also requires less hand pressure from the doctor, enabling a more precise, safe cut. Because the incision from Piezosurgery is less invasive, there is less damage, allowing for faster healing. Piezosurgery is also a clean procedure, allowing the doctor to see the working area much better. This too, aids in accuracy, minimizes damage, and aids in healing.

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