Platelet Rich Fibrin

Periodontal Regeneration in Lake Jackson Using Platelet Rich Fibrin

Gum disease can be treated in many ways, including surgical and non-surgical treatment. When surgical procedures such as tissue grafts or bone grafts are required, the tissue may not grow back as quickly and entirely as was hoped. For these cases, platelet rich fibrin can be used to aid in the healing and tissue regeneration process.

With platelet rich fibrin, periodontists have been able to improve wound healing and tissue regeneration. It’s also been shown that healing advances faster when using platelet rich fibrin than when it is not used.

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin?

Platelet rich fibrin is obtained from your blood. Blood is drawn and quickly spun in a centrifuge for 10 minutes or more. This separates the platelets from your blood cells. During the process, the platelets are activated, thinking that it is time to help with blood clotting. After activating, the platelets release proteins which aid in tissue regeneration.

One of the procedures that platelet rich fibrin has been shown to work exceedingly well is in soft tissue grafts where gum tissue is added to cover exposed tooth roots and to prevent further gum decay. The platelet rich fibrin can be used to aid in grafting and healing.

Another procedure where platelet rich fibrin can help is in the bone grafting process. As with soft tissue grafts, platelet rich fibrin can be added to the bone graft to aid in healing and ensuring the graft begins to regenerate bone.

Benefits of Platelet Rich Fibrin

Platelet rich fibrin is actually obtained from your own blood. Because of this, it is beneficial for healing your surgical wounds. Since it comes from the part of your blood that aids in clotting and tissue regeneration, it is able to speed up the healing process and has shown that the fibrin will generate stronger, healthier tissue or bone.

Platelet rich fibrin is also easy to prepare, easy to apply, leading to more efficient cell growth.

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