Hidden Link Between Oral Health and Overall Wellbeing

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Hidden Link Between Oral Health and Overall Wellbeing

You know that maintaining good oral hygiene is good for your smile and important for your personal comfort. But did you realize that there’s a link between good oral health and good overall health?

More than ever, scientists are studying the surprising link between inflammation and infection in the mouth and how this affects a person’s overall health. Understanding this link and taking steps to maintain your oral health is important.

Your oral health can affect everything from your finances to your personal comfort to your heart health and beyond. People who have good oral health are at lower risk for various health conditions and often find it easier to maintain a good quality of life.

Oral Health and the Brain

Recent research has identified a connection between oral health and Alzheimer’s, the neurodegenerative disease that causes memory loss and dementia. In these studies, researchers found that mice exposed to the bacteria that causes periodontal disease also developed a senile plaque formation on the brain. This plaque is similar to the plaque that develops in human brains when they’re affected by Alzheimer’s. This could imply that people who have periodontitis are at higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is not the only connection between periodontitis and the brain. Researchers found previously that periodontitis can affect the brain’s metabolism. Brains exposed to this bacteria show a decrease in glucose availability (the brain’s source of energy), which can affect mental performance.

Oral Health and Pre-Diabetes

Pre-diabetes is a condition that occurs when the blood glucose levels are higher than normal. These levels are not high enough to be considered diabetes, but they could eventually lead to diabetes.

The pathogen that causes periodontitis can impact the functioning of certain cells in the pancreas and liver. Eventually, exposure to these pathogens could lead to the development of prediabetes and diabetes itself.

Researchers also discovered that mice with prolonged exposure to this bacteria developed insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, while rats developed a greater likelihood of obesity. These are major signs of prediabetes.

Oral Health and Heart Disease

People who have gum disease are two to three times more likely to have a stroke or heart attack, or some other serious cardiovascular event. While the link between heart disease and gum disease is not direct – people who have gum disease are not guaranteed to develop heart disease – there is a connection.

Many doctors believe that the chronic inflammation that comes from periodontal disease plays a significant role in the connection between heart and oral health. Ultimately, controlling inflammation in the gums can help the body in various ways.

Good Oral Health Means Better Communication and Confidence

It’s not just the physical body that benefits from healthy teeth and gums. Our spiritual and emotional selves benefit from good oral health. Attractive teeth and gums play a role in our personal relationships and our confidence when interacting with others. When we smile, how we smile, and who we smile at can all be impacted by our confidence in our personal appearance.

Even our financial prosperity is impacted by our teeth. Many people who suffer from poor oral health report that the condition of their teeth affects how they interview for jobs.

Finally, poor oral health can be painful. Normal, everyday functions like eating and communicating with others can be impacted by the way our teeth feel and whether they’re in pain.

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