What is Platelet Rich Fibrin Treatment?

platelet rich fibrin for periodontal regeneration equipment

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin Treatment?

Periodontal disease can have devastating consequences. Untreated gum recession leads to loose permanent teeth and then permanent tooth loss. People with gum disease face a challenge when it comes to stopping the infection and reversing the damage.

This is why many people turn to Coastal Periodontics for periodontal treatment. We use the latest technologies and advanced therapies to help our patients, including the groundbreaking platelet fibrin treatment.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease, at its core, is an infection in the gums. Periodontal disease can lead to problems like inflamed gums, bleeding, bad breath, gum recession, and loose teeth. People who suffer from periodontal disease must control the infection and often need surgery to bring their teeth and gums back to health.

Gingival gum surgery, bone grafts, and other procedures are often just one of a series of treatments that patients need in order to be restored to full oral health. These procedures require healing time. Long healing times can draw out treatment, leading to frustration and other complications during the treatment of periodontal disease.

What Is Platelet Fibrin Treatment?

Platelet fibrin treatment is a therapy used at Coastal Periodontics to speed healing and encourage full regeneration of the affected area. Platelet rich fibrin is a protein found in the blood that promotes clotting after a wound or cut. Platelets release proteins that facilitate tissue regeneration.

Where Does Platelet Rich Fibrin Come From?

Platelet rich fibrin comes from your own blood. To access it, we’ll draw blood and spin it in a centrifuge for 10 minutes or longer. During this time, the platelets separate from the blood cells. This activates the platelets and causes them to release proteins that facilitate tissue regeneration.

Who Needs Platelet Fibrin Treatment?

You can benefit from platelet fibrin treatment if you have been through one of the following treatments:

  • Pocket reduction
  • Periodontal regeneration
  • Gingival flap surgery
  • Root canal treatment
  • Dental implant surgery
  • Soft tissue grafts to cover exposed tooth roots
  • Bone grafts

Your dental professional at Coastal Periodontics will recommend platelet fibrin treatment, especially if you are concerned about the healing process following a procedure that requires steady, efficient healing.

What Are the Benefits of Platelet Fibrin Treatment?

Platelet rich fibrin is one of the most beneficial tools for healing following surgery because it’s extracted from your own body and blood. Platelet fibrin is the part of the blood that aids in clotting and tissue regeneration, so it’s designed to do exactly what we use it for. If there’s anything that can speed the healing process and generate stronger tissues, it’s platelet fibrin.

Another reason that platelet rich fibrin treatment is so effective for patients is its simplicity. Extracting platelet rich fibrin is easy, and applying it is even easier.

In addition, there are studies from the NIH that show that platelet rich fibrin treatment is low risk, consistent in its results, and effective at promoting soft tissue regeneration.

Platelet rich fibrin can prevent complications and promote effective healing for certain surgeries, especially in older patients. Finally, the procedure also promotes hemostasis (stopping blood flow).

Why Choose Coastal Periodontics?

Patients choose Coastal Periodontics for several reasons. Platelet rich fibrin treatment is only one of the many innovative ways we help patients seeking periodontal treatment. We also offer advanced technology for periodontal services, including:

  • Laser Gum Surgery – Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is a regenerative, minimally invasive gum disease treatment
  • Chao Pinhole Technique – breakthrough treatment for gum recession without surgery
  • Ozone therapy – This natural treatment uses ozonated water or gas to destroy bacteria causing an infection
  • Cone Beam CT Scan – A 3D CT cone beam scanner locates areas on the jawbone with the best bone density

Together, we can develop an effective treatment plan to meet your needs. You can learn more about Coastal Periodontics services on our website or stop in at our office. Contact Coastal Periodontics today to make an appointment and get started.

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