Do I Have Oral Cancer? What to Know About Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Is on the Rise. Here’s What You Should Know.

Oral and pharynx cancer accounts for three percent of all cancers diagnosed in the US each year. From 2007 to 2016 diagnoses of oral and pharynx cancer increased.

Smoking tobacco, having HPV and consuming large amounts of alcohol can increase your risk for oral cancer. Excessive sun exposure on your lips can also increase your risk – use sunscreen!

Oral cancer is on the rise even among people without recognized risk factors.

The Importance of Oral Cancer Screening: Early Detection Equals Higher Survival Rates

Sixty percent of those diagnosed with oral cancers survive five years. Those diagnosed earlier have higher rates of survival.

Early detection and quick treatment can reduce fatalities. The five-year survival rate for those with localized disease when diagnosed is 83 percent compared with 32 percent for those with oral cancer that has spread to other body parts.

Do I Have Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer can develop on the lips, gums, tongue, inside of cheeks, roof of mouth or under your tongue.

Symptoms to watch for include

  • Mouth or ear pain
  • Mouth sores that won’t heal in a few weeks
  • White or red patches
  • Loose teeth for no obvious reason
  • Difficulty swallowing or moving your jaw
  • Lumps in your lymph glands that don’t go away

“I love it, I mean look at at me, I like it a lot! It’s just great to be able to really smile. The staff and Dr. Tredinick are great. She actually followed up with me personally the morning after the surgery which was amazing for me. That my doctor was concerned about my well being.”

– Patricia Lewis

Explore Symptoms of Oral Cancer and See Whether VELscope Oral Cancer Screening in Lake Jackson Is Right for You.

Can Medical Insurance Cover Oral Cancer Screening?

Most major insurance companies cover oral cancer screening.

How Often Should You Have Oral Cancer Screening?

The Oral Cancer Foundation recommends screening every year after age 18.

What Is Oral Cancer Screening?

A dentist or doctor performs oral cancer screening to detect signs of cancer, with the goal of catching it early when it is more treatable.

Your physician will look inside your mouth and check for spots, lumps or irregularities. They may also examine your throat.

In addition, they may use an oral cancer screening tool such as a VELScope.

If your doctor sees warning signs, they may recommend a follow-up visit or biopsy.

How Does the VELscope Work?

The VELscope is a blue light that makes normal tissue typically appear green. This oral cancer screening tool can visualize cellular changes in the mucus membrane inside your mouth. Your physician can detect abnormalities with the VELscope, including oral cancer, inflammation, or viral, fungal or bacterial infections.

This method takes less than two minutes to check for abnormalities and is completely painless.

Schedule an Oral Cancer Screening in Lake Jackson

Talk to our team about our oral cancer screening tool, the VELscope. Oral cancer screening is important for early detection and greater treatment options. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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