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Are you starting to notice that you see more of your tooth than before? You might suffer from gum recession.
Gum recession is when your gum tissue pulls back, exposing more of the tooth and its roots. While there are ways to help prevent gum recession, it can happen to any person of any age. And you can have it even if you are taking good care of your teeth and gums.
Here are the common causes of gum recession.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is caused by harmful bacteria that damage your gums. Most periodontal disease goes unnoticed because it rarely cause any pain or discomfort during its initial stages of development. But if left untreated, it can develop into a severe gum infection called periodontitis.

Hard Brushing

Every tooth has an outside protective shield called enamel. The enamel is the strongest mineral in our bodies. Acidic, sugary and starchy foods may cause damage to the enamel and weaken it. Brushing is a must to prevent plaque and tartar build-up. However, if you brush your teeth too hard or use a hard-bristled toothbrush, this may also damage your gums and cause gum recession.


Some people are born with thin or weak gums and have a higher risk of developing gum recession later in life. This risk rises if they do not develop proper oral hygiene habits.

Tobacco Products

Smoking cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products will put a person at high risk of developing sticky plaque where bacteria can thrive, which can cause gum recession.

Grinding and Clenching Your Teeth

Some people grind and clench their teeth. Doing so can exert too much pressure on the teeth and gums, causing it to recede.

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These factors contribute to the possibility of developing gum recession. But what if you already have it? Consider treatment as quickly as possible before it progresses to irreversible gum disease.

The Stages of Gum Recession

Stage 1: Gingivitis

This is gum inflammation caused by plaque build-up around the teeth. You may notice bleeding when you brush or floss. This first stage is reversible since it hasn’t affected the tissues and bones yet. It’s usually painless. But, when left untreated, it will progress to the second stage.

Stage 2: Periodontitis

At this stage, gum tissues and supporting bones are already irreversibly damaged. However, it is still manageable. With proper dental care and oral hygiene habits, further damage can still be prevented.

Stage 3: Advanced Periodontitis

If your gum recession is already advanced, it might require surgical intervention. The usual procedure to treat gum recession is to do a gum graft. This involves taking a thin piece of gum tissue (called donor tissue) from your patient’s palate and attaching it to where the gum has receded. The periodontist then sutures in place and allows it to heal with the rest of the gum.
This takes time and you can experience discomfort during the procedure and recovery process.

Is there a less painful way to treat your gums without the stitches and cutting?

Yes, there is!

There is a new gum recession treatment available for those who want a noninvasive procedure to treat their gum recession called the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST), named after its inventor, Dr. John Chao, DDS. This technique is a scalpel-free and stitch-free procedure to correct gum recession.

This treatment begins by making a small hole in the gum tissue with a needle. The physician massages the gum with a specialized PST tool and guides it over the exposed roots of the teeth to cover it. The surgeon then places collagen strips inside the gums to help stabilize them in place until they completely heal. There is no need to remove stitches since the collagen strips dissolve as your gum heals.

Since PST is a procedure that requires no scalpel and no sutures, the healing and recovery time is much faster than gum grafting. Most patients report having already healed 24 hours after the procedure. Patients also experience less discomfort after treatment since there is no need to do a graft from their palates. The result is a natural-looking smile.

If you are looking for a place to get this pain-free advanced technique, count on the expert care at Coastal Periodontics.

We use the latest dental technology and current therapies to take care of our patients and their dental health. Dr. Marie-Claire Tredinick, our founder, is among the few periodontists who can perform the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique for you.

Treat Tooth Decay and Gum Disease Naturally

Ozone therapy is a natural, comfortable treatment for minor to average tooth decay and periodontal infection. It uses ozone gas to destroy bacteria around your teeth and gums and create an environment in which it cannot flourish.

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